Nicole Crane, M.S

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Nicole Crane is a senior conservation scientist with Oceanic Society and a faculty member in the Biology Department at Cabrillo College, Aptos California. She received a Master's degree in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and a Master's in Science Education Research from the University of California Santa Cruz. She has conducted reef monitoring programs and research on fish population dynamics in both tropical and temperate seas including Honduras, Belize, the Indian Ocean, and the South Pacific. She also has experience working with communities and agencies in developing and implementing management plans for marine protected areas. She is former Department Chair of the Marine Science and Technology Program at Monterey Peninsula College, and former Director and founder of the National Science Foundation Marine Advanced Technology Education Center. She has worked as a marine biologist and naturalist for the Oceanic Society since 1994, and is co-principal investigator for the Belize coral reef health project, and lead investigator for the community-based Ulithi Reef Project.